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Hesi 2017 Tips!


Hi there!

Today I took the Hesi A2 and guess what?!?! I passed with an 88.4%! I am feeling so good right now and I thought I would make a post about my experience and give some tips because if your anything like me, just flat out not a good test taker, then keep reading LOL. Do not freak out! It was easier than I thought (I didn't say it was easy though).

So for my college, I had to take the Reading, Vocab, Grammar, Math, and Anatomy and Physiology.


I studied a week and half in advance. I would advise that you take longer to study but I was pressed for time. I purchased the Hesi Admission Review Book by Elsevier.

Anatomy and Physiology: I was super nervous for the A&P section because it had been a while since I had taken it, so I took a week to study it. I did not pick up my old textbook because that would just overwhelm me. I watched 2 videos, sometimes 3, of youtube videos a day (Anatomy G M C was my favorite because she thoroughly explain each system = WATCH THEM ALL; Crash Course). I didn't even look at the A&P section in the Hesi Admissions Review Book because every post I saw said that you need more information than whats provided in the book.

**The day before the test, I went through the Math, Vocab, Reading Comprehensions, and Grammar sections.

Math: I used the Hesi Admissions Review Book by Elsevier. Work through all of the practice question, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW IT. I consider myself a math person, but some stuff was so simple, that I had forgotten how to solve certain problems.

Reading Comprehension: I read the entire section in the Hesi Admissions Review Book and highlighted definitions that I needed to remember. With this section, you either know it or you do not.

Grammar: READ THE ENTIRE SECTION OF THE HESI ADMISSIONS REVIEW BOOK. That's all i'm going to say. Read and Learn all the grammar rules!

Vocab: I literally just went through this section in the Hesi book and highlighted the terms I didn't know and tried to remember all of them and their examples.



Anatomy & Physiology: I got an 88% I almost cried! This section had broad and detailed questions. Know all the body systems and the general idea. Example: For the endocrine system, know what its job is and what are the important hormones. Do this for all systems. Don't forget to go over the bones!!

Grammar: I got an 82% I wish I had started studying this section early on. Know all the grammar rules in the Hesi book. You may think you know it but still review it. Practice question are key to this section. Keep practicing and use sites like Quizlet to help. Sub-verb agreement; adjective; verbs; know them.

Reading Comp: 92% It's like any other standardized test in my opinion. What is the main idea, what is the author implying... read and practice the Hesi book.

Vocab: 86% Learn every word in the Hesi book and more! It would probably help if you know basic suffix and prefix meanings! example: What does __ mean?

Math: 94% Ratio's, conversions, fractions, basic math. If you do all the problems in the Hesi book you will do just fine on this section!

In all, the test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You can do this! If you do not pass the first time do not give up! KEEP TRYING AND KEEP PUSHING! Study far in advance and try out some of my tips!

Thank you for sharing your experience. I take my test this Saturday and I am freaking out! I'm having bad dreams, can't sleep right, can't think I'm going to do good on the test. It helped a lot!

hey! how did you do? I am currently studying and unfortunately the school I am applying to have a requirement of 9 sections. I am stressing but like most reviews say its not hard but I am still nervous.

Passed HESI A2 retake today with flying colors! I would like to share with you how my score went from a 72.86% to 84.57%. My school only requires a 75% cumulative score in Reading, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy (you can only take the test twice). Before I tell you how I was successful, I want to say that a lot of people state that they only studied the Evolve book and passed with flying colors. I took that advice the first time around and did not pass. I should have used supplemental materials. I am not saying the Evolve book is not a good resource; it should not be your only resource for this test. I was determined to pass, but not just pass the test, I wanted to do well in all the sections. I gave myself one month to prepare for the test. I studied 3-4 hours Monday-Friday. I took the weekends off. I devoted one week to each section that I needed to study. The resources that I used are the following:

Evolve book-I only used this book to prepare for grammar, chemistry, and biology. It will not help you with anatomy. If you are strong in math, especially fractions and ratios, the Evolve book will be a good resource for you. If you have already taken Anatomy, your notes will be a good resource. Cliff notes are helpful as well.

Dosage and Calculations-I used this book to study up on the metric system, fractions, ratios, and decimals.

HESI A2 practice tests 2016-The practice tests helped me to prepare to take the HESI test. It took away a lot of my test taking anxiety.

Davis's Basic Math Review for Nurses with Step-by-Step Solutions helped me to overcome my fear of fractions, ratios and decimals. I read through the entire book twice, and did all the problems. By the time I was done with this book, I found myself liking fractions and loving ratios! I am still a little rusty on the metric system. I will get there!

I took Anatomy, prior to the retake, and did well, so I was confident that I would not totally bomb this section!

Last but not least, I could not have passed the test without Prayer number one, and a book I found called Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exam! This book has proven techniques for a higher score and that is exactly what I achieved. I seriously would not have done so well on the test without the extensive coverage of Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy.

Please do not take this test lightly, especially if you only have two chances to take this test. It is a difficult test, but if you take the time to study, the results will speak for themselves. Hard work always pays off!

I officially applied to the nursing program today!

Good luck!

any thoughts on the vocab section? because the majority said that not all on the hesi edition 4 vocab section are on the exam... can you suggest any helpful tool about the vocab?

Hello, it is a good idea to review the vocab in the Hesi book to give you an idea of the type of vocabulary words that will be on the test. There were 50 vocab words on the test. I hope this helps.

thank you!! does the retake is same on your 1st take? and also, does the vocab words on the book are same in the hesi exam? or there are words that came up that wasn't included in the book? sorry for too much question im really nervous on my upcoming exam..

Hello, the retake was not the same as the first take. I found the retake to be easier than the first take. Keep in mind, I may have found it easier because I took the time to really study for the exam the second time around. There were a lot of vocab words on the test that was not in the HESI book. Some of the words on the test were medically related, and they were in the HESI book. It will not hurt to study the vocab section in the HESI book. I found the vocab section to be one of the easiest sections. If you are concerned about the vocab section, the HESI A2 pocket prep will be a huge help! I downloaded the app on my phone and quizzed myself on different sections every day. Practice tests will help you too!

It is ok to be nervous, I was nervous too! I started with an easy section first, so that I could calm my nerves down. You will be fine. Just make sure you spend time reviewing your weakest areas. When is your exam?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. My exam is on 26th! Btw, congratulations on passing your exam and I really thank you for sharing your thoughts about it!! :)


i was really worried too after reading other people studying for it and not doing the best ://

i ended up procrastinating studying like I always do lol until the day of the test September 2nd..so I had like 3.5 hours to study...I showed up ready to wing it haha but when I really got into it it wasn't bad at all!! I hope nobody else reading people's experience freaks out because I made a 93.5% and barely studied

i took the same sections as you:

anatomy and physiology—96%

reading comprehension—94%

vocab and general knowledge—92%


and there was something wrong with my test������ I don't know if this happened to anyone else but the calculator on the math section didn't show up so I ended up doing all the math by hand because the proctor said she couldn't give me one (which almost gave me a panic attack)

but moral of the story: don't stress out!! I hadn't even taken anatomy 2 and I did fine! Make sure you know the directional anatomy terms and the general ideas of the body systems and that part'll be a breeze

Hi Nina323355!

What books/apps/online resources did you use to prepare for the Hesi exam?

I'll be taking it next month -- and im freaking out! :/