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Hey all, I'm in my final two weeks of my last semester. I'm kind of frustrated since I didn't pass the Hesi exit. We were given a practice Hesi at the start of the term and I scored really well. I did the required remediation (everyone had to regardless of score). Which was over 9000 questions and I also did some practice questions on yourbestgrade. I guess the reason I'm so frustrated is because I felt I did what I was supposed to do and still didn't pass. My program has a one time take for the exit, but we get whatever conversion score we made. For example, I made an 820, so I'll get a 70 that's 20 % of my grade. Technically, I'm still passing.

I'm just worried about my ability to pass Nclex.

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I'm taking the HESI exit some time next week, they haven't picked dates yet. Everything I've read seems to say the HESI is harder than the NCLEX. I'm using Uworld to study for the NCLEX and HESI, my scores are good for NCLEX from what I've read. We didn't take any HESI exams through our program, just the enterance exam for our applications. So not really sure what to expect. We need a 850 to pass, we were only told about the requirement to take the HESI about 5-6 weeks ago. No one knows what will happen if any of us don't get 850 or above. Some of last years cohort have said they didn't pass and still graduated, passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. So it's kinda weird for my class right now.

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Hey Quota, We took Teas for our entrance. Also we've had Hesi exams but on different areas like Critical Care and Nutrition. Either way I'm about to invest in UWorld, kind of wish I had done it sooner. I wish you the best of luck! Keep me posted on how it went.

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