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HESI math

Hey guys..I need some advice. I have been studying for the math portion of the exam really hard. I know how to do fractions, ratios, percentages, and decimals. I am just having a hard time with word problems. For anyone who took the exam, was there a lot of word problems? Im very frustrated and any advice would help.


I had a few word problems but they ended up being as simple as multiplication, adding and subtracting. If you've been studying and you know metric conversions, English to metric and farenheit to celcius you'll be fine. 80% of my exam were proportions. So know how to set up a basic proportion and you should do well. That's all I did and I got a 98% in the math portion.

Dont freak out and take your time! It's not as challenging as you think. Also, I reccomsnd writing everything out, especially since many problems on this section aren't multiple choice and you have to write in your answer.

Thank you.. Really appreciate it. I guess I will work on reading the problem and figuring out how to set if up as a proportion. Do you recommend anything for the reading grammar and vocab? I studied everything from the book but what else do you suggest?

Thanks again :)

I made an 100% on the vocab part, just use the book and go over the terms you don't recognize. Make flash cards and try and find some sentences they are used in. I only used the book.

Grammar, I recommend the McGraw-hill book for all nursing exams. It was identical to what I saw on the test. Recognizing subject/predicate, independent and dependent clauses and some of the more tricky parts will help, but don't over-analyze on the exam. I lost points by over analyzing and thinking it was a trick question when really if I would have taken my time and focused I would have realized it was just a spelling mistake. I made an 88% on that part.

The Mc-Graw-hill book had a ton of practice tests/questions though.

An example of the proportions I saw on the exam would be like "Julia had 10 pieces of candy and she ended up giving 5 to Cindy. Written as a proportion, how many does she have left?" Or it was like "the sale price of ____ was $150 which was 80 percent of the normal price. What was the normal price?" Which would be 150/80 times ?/100. Just look up proportion word problems.

Great! Thank you so much!! I have both of those books so I am going to study everything until I understand them. I really appreciate the feedback. You definitely relieved some stress off of me 😊

I used a book called Davis's Basic Math Review for Nurses, written by Vicki Raines. It's a great book that has all types of math problems just like the HESI (proportions, fractions, addition/subtraction, the metric system etc). I used the book a few days before the exam and passed.

I have the book also! I studied my math from that book. The only thing im having a problem with are the word problems. But I been learning to set them up as proportions and hopefully I will do fine 😊

You will do great! That book is very helpful!

My highest score on the HESI was in math and was 94%. I took it Dec '13. I don't think I studied for it... it seemed easier than the TEAS test and I scored slightly higher (I think 84% cumulative).

It's nice you can use a calculator for the HESI vs the TEAS, though I had a high math score on the TEAS also (I think 92%?). It is basic math... I don't really remember any algebra problems or even intermediate algebra. I took statistics, however, before which may have helped with the proportions. I had A's in both intermediate algebra (although on transcript just says "credit" bc petitioned for that early on) and an A in statistics.. which could have helped.

I'd recommend studying, though... that's the best course of action. I did get into a program with that score... but it was O-O-S and private (highly expensive).. so try getting a higher score. The previous poster has some good suggestions.

Thank you all so much!! I appreciate it 😊 one more question lol. For the math portion, do they expect us to write the answer in " proportion " form, or just the answer itself?

Thanks again!! 😊

Thank you all so much!! I appreciate it 😊 one more question lol. For the math portion, do they expect us to write the answer in " proportion " form, or just the answer itself?

Thanks again!! 😊

Just the answer itself.

What do you mean? I remember I took the HESI on the computer at a test proctoring site at my university. It wasn't on paper. I think most of the answers are selected through multiple choice, but it was 1 1/2 years when I took it, so I would double check. Or somebody else can answer.

There might be a study-book which would show what it looks like. You might be able to look for websites in the search engine for HESI math examples, too, to know what to expect. It's basically simple math with little advanced math on it. It seemed slightly easier than the TEAS to me. You can also use scratch paper, I think, but you have to turn it in afterwards to the test proctors. They'll also ask for ID.

Ya I have the hesi 3rd edition eveiser ana the McGraw hill nursing practice book. Im going to study everything I can and hope for the best!

The few word problems they had were super easy!

Okay thanks for the relief. Because some of the word problems In the evolve book were kind of confusing which worried me. But thanks 😊

For math I would say focus more on fractions. I was in a time crunch so I was trying to go as fast as possible and I missed two of the fractions questions. Just practice being fast at them because you don't have that much time. I was nervous to use the calculator(I don't trust others calculators) hahaha. So I was trying to work them all out by hand. Don't do that ... Haha. Use the calculator and you'll zoom through math!

I practiced the fractions, percent to decimals, decimals to percent, and ratios. I know all this stuff!! Just studying word problems. But really thanks for the advice!


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