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I am in a 2yr RN program which mandates that we take the HESI during 4th quarter and again in 7th quarter, prior to graduation. If we don't pass HESI (we have two attempts) during 4th quarter, we don't go on. I am scared to death, although to date, I have done very well in nursing school. I am a reasonably good test taker, however, I have been known to choke under pressure.

I believe, and I have been told, that HESI is much more difficult than the NCLEX. I have been using the HESI book and CD, and I have been doing the practice tests as well as studying. However, my results on the practice tests suck - like high 60-70% in most cases!!!!:crying2: We only have a couple of weeks preparation.

I would like to think I know more than that, but now, I am concerned that I am not going to get through the HESI. :banghead: Any advice, any thoughts, any suggestions? I am too old to sit out a year if I don't pass HESI (which our program requires), and it will demoralize me.


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HESI questions assume you know the facts, and then see if you can make use of those facts, in many cases. Be sure you read the stem (the question part) and understand exactly what it is asking before you look at the answer choices. Then ask yourself "What is wrong, or could be wrong, with this patient?" Put a name to it. For prioritization questions, ask: "What would kill this patient first, and what could the nurse do about preventing or detecting it?" It is logic, logic, logic all the way through.

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I have no doubts you'll pass hesi with flying colors (or at least an 850)!!! It is a head game, I passed the Hesi on our practice run and then passed it again when it counted and the book did not help me at all!!! Remember its not how you would answer the questions, its how they want you to answer it and go by the "ivory tower" not what happens in real life lol. Remember not to put a backstory into the question and just narrow it down to the two best answers and try to pick the right one!! You'll do fine.


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Thanks for the responses. So, the HESI is just like the nursing school itself...it's not what you know...it's all about what they want to test you on?

I just need to chill and relax....and STUDY!!!


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sadly many schools are using hesi to help determine their future passing rate and to avoid a drop they weed out those that do not do well on hesi. which stinks!

hesi is similar to the actual nclex. look at what the question is asking. then think, abcs (airway breathing circulation), patient safety, textbook knowledge. answer the question as if you have all the resources you need at hand.(ie: adequate staff, supplies, etc.) do not read into the question and what if it.

good luck :D

I just took the HESI-Exit exam and passed with 909. . . . The best advice I could give is to just relax. . your not going to know everything perfectly. . it would be impossible. The "trick" is to know how to read the test questions and how to eliminate options. Remember the nursing process, and maslows. . .seems simple but when your under pressure. . atleast when I'm under pressure I forget. . and make stupid mistakes:banghead:. If a question asks for an action in response to a patient symptom. .don't choose and intervention if the assessment hasn't been completed. In the front of most NCLEX review there should be test taking tips. . .I liked how the "NCLEX review made incredibly easy" book layed out test taking tips. . . but I'm sure any book would have good tips. . . .Good luck. . .and don't let your anxiety overtake you and your ability to think thru the question.

What does one do if you have failed the hesi twice and did not pass the nursing course because of this? I have a 3.6 GPA ! Where do I turn now? Can I still pursue my dream of being a nurse or am I at a dead end now? Help!

Depends on what your program leaves you with. Some make you wait a year to take it again. Some programs have you repeat an entire class, some programs make you repeat the year, some change your grade in your heaviest class to an F, sending your GPA off to Davey Jones, to hobble you and make sure that getting back into nursing school will be as likely as you striking oil in your backyard garden.

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