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HESI Exit Exam Tips/Help ;**(


will someone provide the best tip to study for the hesi-exit exam?

i only have 2 weeks to study and i have to make 850 or greater to pass the exam.

this is my 3rd time, the last chance. if i fail this time, i will be entirely out of the program.

question: is there any awesome resource that i can purchase e.g., well-prepared-magic bullet hesi exit exam note that i can purchase to really focus on it for last 2 weeks?

my friend who studies pcat purchased magic notes from dr. collins in pcat-destroyer website, which helped her boosting her score by 40%. is there something or similiar of that for hesi exit exam?

thank you all in advance for all the great tips. :imbar


:heartbeat pink gorilla

hi, don't despair. as far as i know, i've taken the hesi in every semester at my nursing school, and i've been able to log onto the evolve/elsevier website and review my scores. every semester i score really well, because i go back and look at my areas of weakness and do nlcex3500, here's the website http://nursing.goivytech.net/nclexrn3500/mainmenu.do;jsessionid=464e45f7f647943232e51c889227f4cd

don't panic, the hesi is predictable and if you read what you need to improve on, you'll do well. i failed my second semester because i was only sleeping 4 hours a night and not recalling anything. when it was time to take the hesi again, i simply studied the material i had gotten wrong, and scored a 99.03% on it. you can do it! hope this helps.

Thank u so very much - your tip will help me bunch -- pink gorilla