Hello! I am trying to figure this out. My school did not require a TEAS test, nor it does ATI at the end of every semester or nothing like that. I am in my 3rd semester, taking OB and Peds. We have just been informed that on week 7th we will be taking the HESI and that we have 2 chances to pass, if we don't, we have to re-take the class. I always thought the HESI was an entrance exam as the TEAS. I guess I was wrong. We have yet been told how to study for this or prepare for it in any way. I am trying to be proactive and get a review book or something but I am lost as what to get. Help please?

HESI offers entrance exams, specialty exams for specific subjects (these are the finals in all my courses), as well as comprehensive exams (the dreaded exit HESI)....

So how you would study would depend on which HESI you are taking.. if it's a specialty HESI, then study by knowing the specific course objectives.

If it's a cumulative HESI then study as you would for the NCLEX.

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Thank you. So are there books to study like Peds and OB specifically?

I've never found any... but honestly I've never had a major issue with any of the HESIs as long as I know the objective material.

Edit to add -

There is a HESI Comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN and it does have specific chapters.. and there is one for Peds and one for OB. This is the resource that I've used for both MedSurg 1 and 2.. it was very helpful.