When is the best time to take the HESI?

  1. I need information on when is the best time to take the HESI, i'm at Central New Mexico Comm. College in Albuquerque. Prenursing students are allowed up to 3 attempts (not sure if this is for all programs), but i still need to take microbiology and A&P 1 and 2, i'm currently taking math 120 or intermediate algebra and chemistry. When is the best time to take this test, based on the material that is covered on it? i really want to score high on it because the program here is on a point system and my goal is gaining the total possible points for this exam. thanks
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  3. by   Everline
    Well, what sections do you have to take? I had to take Math, Vocab, Reading, Grammar and Anatomy and Physiology. I took the test right at the end of A&P II. When I say right at the end, I mean one week before my A&P lecture final and a week after my lab final. I was glad I did that because the A&P section on the test was rather random and therefore required broad/general knowledge of the subject. Everything was fresh in mind, especially since I was in the midst of studying for finals. I had not taken microbiology yet, but I did not need to take the biology section or any other science section on the HESI besides A&P.

    Many people have done well just by reviewing various sciences books or study guides. It all depends how you learn and how you retain info. But the closer you can take it to the class that teaches the various subjects, I would suppose the better.
  4. by   ksecatero21
    thanks!! I'm not too sure about which subjects are on the test.. I purchased a study guide not to long ago and it covers vocab, reading, biology, chemistry, math, anatomy & physiology and physics. I'm just wondering if I should give it a try now and see what I'm capable of at the moment.
  5. by   jayn108
    Hello Im new to the site, and taking the Hesi exam in 2 weeks. I would appreciate any help or info on the test. How do I pass the critical section of the test? How to do well on the vocab section? How to do well on the math portion of the test, and what conversions do I need to know? thanks