Just took HESI A2...any questions?

  1. For my school I was only required to take math, reading, grammar and Vocab so I can answer any questions about those sections. I want to add that on my particular math section at least 50% of my questions were based on....FRACTIONS! I also had about 5 ratio fractions. 2 that involved converting from military time. NO ROMAN NUMERALS which surprised me because everyone was saying to study those. Any other questions just ask away!
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  3. by   HoneyBug0112
    Would you say the reading was hard?
  4. by   socasugab
    I did the Hesi A2 at my school and I did find the reading was a bit difficult compared to the maths
  5. by   From_nanny2nurse
    Not at all. Both the reading and math were easy for me.(and I've always done horrible on math) I would say the toughest part honestly was the Vocab. I would highly recommend getting a HESI book and read/study over the Vocab, that section brought my entire score down. Good Luck!
  6. by   RN inthe making
    Hey, Congrats!
    I have purchased the Hesi entrance exam book 3rd edition. Do you think the studying the vocabulary terms from there will help on the test??? Is it more medical terms opposed to basic vocab words?
  7. by   HoneyBug0112
    I would say about 1/3 is basic and the rest medical. The study guide wasn't particularly great for vocab. I believe many people found online resources that were more beneficial than the study guide. I would recommend studying from both.
  8. by   x_factor
    I take mine next month. I have the HESI book, would you say the math examples in the book are a good resource compared to what's on the actual exam? Math is my weakest area.

    As far as the vocabulary goes, I've been studying using Quizlet. I notice a lot of the vocab is medical, is that an accurate representation of the types of words on the actual exam? I'm also seeing a lot of Quizlet cards on actual USAGE of english, such as definitions of what is a noun, pronoun, verb, ect. Are questions like that on the exam?
  9. by   HoneyBug0112
    Yes!! Study ALL of it.