HESI test question - page 2

I have been reviewing the HESI manual and taking the tests on the CD that came with the book. I am getting discouraged because I'm only scoring in the low 70s on the tests. I have to make at least... Read More

  1. by   peyton013
    if you have the saunders, NCLEX, do the quizes they have after each chapter or what ever they refer to them as, and when you do them, if you get below a 75% you need to study more. I just did the hesi last week, and for our hesi I can tell there wherre alot of questions on the LPN delegating to the UCP (unlicenced care personel) there was math on there, percentage of newborn weight loss and safe dosages. there was like 2 or 3 mental health. the majority of ours though was the LPN delegating to the UCP. and the LPN on giving meds to children when they dont want to take them. there was 110 questions each worth 100 points so total you can get is 1100. but if you have the NCLEX, Saunders, study that, do the quizes, or what I used also was the NCLEX hesi book, those are nice cause they have hesi tips.