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  1. Hello! I will be taking the HESI exam this Saturday and am in need of some advice. From what I have been told it is fairly basic and easy but I also know every test is different. I have been studying the Evolve study guide and searching the web for practice websites but I feel like they all have the same basic questions. I am confident that I could get an 80% in each section ( math, vocab, grammar, reading, and a&p) however, I need a 90% to get into the nursing program this fall. The main subject I'am most concerned with is Anatomy and Physiology. This section is so extensive and could have thousands of questions so how do you study for that? Any advice would help! Thank you!
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  3. by   kimberlyteer
    Hello. I took my test Feb. 22. I made some comments about my experience I hope it"s helpful. Good Luck

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  4. by   FtrRn15
    Thank you! Did you have to test on A & P?
  5. by   Everline
    I've said this before but yeah, A&P is random. I actually took the HESI the same week I took my A&P II final, so the subject was pretty fresh in my mind. I don't know how I would have done had I waited. The questions may as well have been picked out of a hat. You kind of need to have a broad knowledge of A&P and then hope for the best. I know some people look over books such as A&P for Dummies and I've heard that can help. I didn't look over anything since I was in the class at the time. One thing I can say that helped a lot is knowing the location of various bones and muscles and organs in the body. That made it easy to eliminate some possible answers. I wish you the best of luck. You'll most likely find that the HESI isn't that difficult over all.
  6. by   FtrRn15
    Thank you so much for your advice! I know that the A&P section is beyond randomized I just didn't know if the questions were detailed or not. I took both classes last semester so I'm hoping it is still fresh in my brain as well.
  7. by   jendee
    If you still have your notes from a & p, study them. We were allowed to take the exam twice, and I brought my score up from an 88 to a 92 by reviewing anatomy notes. I'm taking physiology this semester, so I know the questions I missed were due to that. Good luck!
  8. by   FtrRn15
    Thank you! I'm a little more at ease knowing that you received a high score without taking the second class. Hoping that means it is not as detailed as I'm thinking it's going to be.
  9. by   amazed06
    I took the Hesi entrance test yesterday and unluckily got 73.3 over grammar section.I's so desperate right now!Can anyone please help me where i can possibly practice on,that would be a great help.Thanks
  10. by   jendee
    Have you logged onto the website & printed your remediation material?
  11. by   FtrRn15
    I logged on but it doesn't have my remediation up yet. How long does that usually take?
  12. by   jendee
    I'm not sure. I just printed my results off & studied the subjects related to the questions I missed.
  13. by   Assess&Safety1st
    What practice websites are helpful ?