HESI for UT Health

  1. So I'm applying to UT Health School of Nursing for Fall 2018, and I was wondering when everyone is taking the HESI exam? I went to schedule my HESI exam through Elsevier because that's what we're supposed to do, but the only dates available were September dates....and it's already September... I wanted to have a lot of time to study for the Hesi. :/ Will there be dates available to take the Hesi after September??
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  3. by   EM_D11
    You can take the HESI wherever regardless if you use UT's school code or not. You do not have to sign up using Elsevier to take the exam but you have to make an account on there in order to receive your scores and send them to the schools you are applying to. For example, I am taking the HESI at Lone Star and will send my scores to the school once I receive them.
  4. by   zoesvnchez
    Thank you so so much!
    I'm a little confused with everything especially Elsevier, so is Elsevier only one of the test administrator for the HESI? Like once you take your HESI exam at Lone Star, are you sending them directly to UT or do you still have to upload them through Elsevier so they can send the scores to UT?
    Also, when are you taking your HESI?

    Sorry for all the questions I've been really confused about this and the internet and UT advisors have only helped me so much. :/
  5. by   EM_D11
    I understand! I had to figure everything out myself but luckily knew someone who went to UTH so feel free to ask me anything First thing you need to do is make an account on Elsevier. This allows you to 1). Take the test because they are the ones who create the HESI. 2). Receive your scores and send them to schools you are applying to. Certain places actually give you your scores after you take the exam but if they don't it's ok. Your scores will be uploaded to your account on Elsevier.

    Signing up for the HESI is different at places. I registered at Lone Star because they had dates available for this month and it only costs $35. I actually take the HESI tomorrow so wish me luck! Once my scores are on my account then I have to send them to UT. I had originally signed up at a testing center by using UT'S school code but spending $100 was so not worth it.
  6. by   skvuong
    Hello! I also took the HESI for UTHealth. UTHealth has a bunch of dates that you can take it under their code for. I took it at a Prometric testing site! UTHealth generally has their HESI dates to match their application periods, they usually update it every month although. They will open more dates, but I feel like Prometric may only allow you to schedule it at most a month or two ahead. The test is given throughout the whole year though (:.

    If you take it under Prometric, and sign up under UTHealth's HESI code, they will directly send it to UTHealth. However, if you take it somewhere else, you have to ask Elseivier to send your score to that school, and it will cost about $15 per school and take around 7-10 business days.