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  1. by   friendlylady
    Hi, all!

    I am frustrated because I failed hesi on my first attempt. I have to retake it before I can graduate. Could anyone give a hint on the version 2? Please help. This is my email student_1715@yahoo.com. Thank you! I will appreciate it.
  2. by   humanity
    I need to pass this HESI Pease send me any suggestions to ajaymishra@hotmail.com
  3. by   nick318
    Hi all,
    I am about to take my hesi for the 4th and final time in attempt to be able to graduate. The last time I made an 800. I was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips or anything for version v4? Anything anyone would have would be greatly appreciated! My e-mail is nicoleslaton@yahoo.com!
  4. by   jacemont
    Quote from suslastdnt
    My school gives us 3 times to pass with a 900 or we don't graduate. I just took it for the 2nd time and can't seem to get out of the 700's. They just made it a graduation requirement after I was already in my 3rd level. They made us sign a paper saying that we understood and if we didn't sign, we had to leave class immediately. My 1st test was 2 weeks into the semester, so we hadn't even been taught all the material. Now, I just took the 2nd one without all the material being taught, again. Our instructor does everything she can to intimidate us & has told us that if we go to the dean or complain to state board about anything that it WILL get back to her and we WILL be the ones to suffer. Do they go through state board to approve of the Hesi? And- about us all coming together to fight this with an attorney, does it matter that we all signed that paper? I'm sure that is out of the question anyway because if she thought we were fighting it, she would find some other way to make sure we don't pass.
    Also- I read the Kaplan book for test taking (twice) and read all the Hesi hints in the NCLEX study guide. I'm thinking it may have hurt me because I was trying to answer every question using the tips, instead of going with what I know. The only thing left that I know to do is answer question after question- all this while trying to study for my 4th test & final exam.
    First off got to program catalog for the year you were accepted into the nursing program. Unless I am wrong, the requirements stated that were needed to pass that program at that time are all you are required to achieve. If you were accepted in 2008 and a hesi score of 700 was required to pass, then that is what stands for you. If it was not a graduation requirement at the time you were accepted and enrolled, then it is not a requirement for you now. At least that's how it works at my university. Pull your course catalog, review it, then take to your academic advisor. You should have received one during orientation. If not, you should be able to pull it up on the school's website. Good Luck. Jacemont.
  5. by   JLSC

    I have been having issues with exit HESI and I need help! I just took exit hesi 1 and failed ! we have to pass with an 850! I only have 1 chance left.. and I am kind of desparate! we took exit hesi v1 the last time.. so im guessing we are taking the v2 next time? any tips? maybe the test bank? anything would help.. i worked really hard to pass exit hesi 1, but obviously did not work.. I tried nlcex 4000, saunders and HESI evolve book/CD.. im running out of options.. i take the test in 2 weeks...


  6. by   CRW2010
    I took Hesi 5Xs beofre finally passing with a 1100! I alaways scored around 800's and could not get out of that range at all no matter how much I studied. I started of using hesi book and hesi questions online. Then used Saunders. I used Hurst during my 3rd attempt and was informative, but didn't help me pass though. Finally on my last shot, I decided to do Kaplan. I wish that I would have done it sooner! Everyone learns differently and of course every review course teaches differently. Kaplan was great for teaching test taking strategies that I've never even learned before in nursing school. Even thought their review course is a NCLEX course, I guarantee that it helps for the hesi as well. I have been out of nursing school for a year now. I finally have a shot at NCLEX. Hope this will help. Please don't give up! You have made it this far for a reason and you're only a few hurdles away from being a RN. Goodluck to all the future nurses out there =)
  7. by   Angelxoxo
    Does anyone have help for HESI V-6 and V-7? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Please email any hesivolume to ifemi08@yahoo.co.uk. I have to take it next week. Thanks in advance.
    Quote from success093
    i took version 6 last week Friday and was my second attempt; To the glory of God i got 968. I studied the Hesi textbook and i paid attention to the hints the boxes. The calculation boosts the point. Good luck everyone
    Congratulations sucess093. Please can you email any of the volumes you have to my email address ifemi08@yahoo.co.uk. I have until friday to pass the exit. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. by   talkingmama

    I am new to allnurses.com and was wondering if you could help with any versions of HESI exit exam?

    Much appreciation.

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  11. by   talkingmama
    Any help with Hesi exit exam versions appreciated? Have not taken yet.

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  12. by   I Luv Nursing2
    Quote from success093
    i took version 6 last week Friday and was my second attempt; To the glory of God i got 968. I studied the Hesi textbook and i paid attention to the hints the boxes. The calculation boosts the point. Good luck everyone
    That's great!!!! I take version 6 Friday, my second attempt. Do you have any notes to help me study. Anyting will help. Really want to past this time around. thanks
  13. by   crazystudentnurse12
    hey guys im new to allnurses.com. im a struggling nursing student. im so close. i graduated but i cant seem to pass this hesi exit exam. i just failed it again yesterday for the 5th time. im going crazy. now my school is giving us 2 more chances and if i fail both i have to retake a class. which is not until next spring sem. =/ if any1 has already taken version 6 or 7 please please help me. email- nersher12@yahoo.com