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Hi everyone, I am about to finish my first semester of my first year (of a two year program) in my RN program. Our school requires that we take the HESI exit exam after we finish our second... Read More

  1. by   boopapa1
    hi I am in the same situation this will be my third time and if I do not pass I will not be able to take the nclex and this will be it for me so if you have any suggestion on how to study it will be very much appreciated. Trying to keep the faith that I will pass the next time which is 1/24/12
  2. by   Gingerbell
    I take my exit HESI next month and I'm terrified! I have a high GPA and great HESI scores throughout my entire program but this exit is exam is a different creature! I have watched over half of each class fail even with really high previous test scores and high GPAs! My school requires a 900 for passing and only 2 attempts (and it's a BSN program)! I'm studying everything I can get a hold of! If anyone has anything they can help me with please email me: lovinpink@sbcglobal.net

    Also, I am always willing to help anyone who is behind where I am by sharing my remediation or study methods.

    Best of luck to the OP .. I feel your pain! Please email me if I can help in any way!

  3. by   RN_2012
    I am confused how you can be expected to pass the HESI exit exam with only one year of nursing school behind you. We took a HESI exam that counted towards our grade each semester geared towards the curriculum we had covered. Our actual exit HESI is in March of our 4th semeser when we are only a month or so away from graduation.
  4. by   NurseKat274
    I am graduating next month and required to score at least a 900 on the exit HESI. Took it the first time with little studying, as it was RIGHT after Winter break and I scored a 762. Remediated with an advisor, have done practice questions, and case studies on evolve website and I take it tomorrow again. I am SO nervous about this! The exit HESI is so "all over the board" when it comes to questions. Make sure you brush up on just about everything before taking it. Lab values are always important! Hopefully evolve website and book have prepared me enough for passing it this second time around. Wish me luck!
  5. by   NurseKat274
    I passed on the second time. My biggest help was realizing that the key to beating the HESI is knowing test-taking strategies, and how to answer the questions... NOT the content of what you know and do not know! I suggest using the test-taking tutorials on evolve.elsevier.com and the practice case studies and questions available on the site. Best of luck to you!
  6. by   ms_miyagi
    The best website that I found for the exit HESI was Hesi Exam Practice - Prepare For Your Hesi RN Exit Test. It costs around $100, but there is a guarantee. I used the site after I failed the first exit HESI and improved my grade by over 200 points when I took it the second time. Everyone that I have referred to the site has passed the exit HESI by a large margin. I hope it helps whomever gives it a try.
  7. by   Tmh218RN
    You can do it... It took me 3 times to pass Hesi, I used a combination of things including kaplan ( the critical thinking process is important on the test and in the real world), A study guide I found here on all-nurses( I can post it or send it on request), physical activity (Zumba is the Best) you can't sit in a room all day every day and just cram, prayer, answering 100-200 questions a day nothing more or less (but you must understand the rational), asking yourself important questions before you even look at the answer (like is this a priority question, am I preventing or promoting something, what is the correct lab value,etc Kaplan does wonders with this), last but not least just make sure you know your core content ( I believe they did not teach me everything in nursing school to prepare me for the Hesi, I had to actually reteach myself.

    Stay encouraged don't be afraid to ask for help and surround yourself with positive people. Take the thought of failing the Hesi out of your mind. Say each day before & after you study I will pass Hesi!!!

    You can do it!!!!!!!!

    I hope this helps someone out there, because all nurses really helped me & i'm proud to say i'm a licensed RN!!!