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  1. Hi guys, i am currently on break before going into my 4th and final semester of my nursing program at Miami dade college, we will take our exit exam and we need a 900 to pass, i bought the Hesi comprehensive nclex-rn examination, the 5th edition with the online portion that comes with 700 questions, although i am not sure when the hesi exit will be (October or december) i want to get started now while im on break, i just need help and advice with how much i should study, how many pages or chapters a day to be productive and also not overdo it so i can retain information. thank you!!
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    My school requires 850 to pass. We had a HESI review course for about 5 sessions before our HESI and the powerpoints were more mnemonic or personal experienced based from professors. I reviewed those, the most help of which was the medication common dosages. I used that same HESI book and went through the whole thing in the two weeks before the exam, highlighting and making notes on post its. I took the two comprehensive practice exams on evolve but only once each but I made sure I understood the rationales. I didn't study at all the day before the HESI, which all of our professors suggest. I just hung out and tried to relax. Good luck!!