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So my school makes us take the HESI at the end of every single semester. If we make a 950 we don't have to take our final. I have yet to take one, ever, except for the entrance one and that one had... Read More

  1. by   Nolli
    We have one for every clinical course at the end. The first one is only worth 5%, but they generally go up from there with every clinical you take. We also have a midpoint HESI which is your halfway mark. You need a 800 to pass. Finally you have the clinical HESIs all over again as a review followed by an exit HESI. I use the ATI modules and my course notes since they are usually pretty focused.
  2. by   GBRKG122
    I agree with your post 100%, SBrn1. You must've gone to my nursing school ;o) 25% is worth entirely way too much in terms of the final course grade.
  3. by   tmc030303
    I'm reading all of these posts and becoming extremely jealous. My program requires a HESI exit every single semester, each semester it is weighted at 30% of our total grade in every course besides clinical. Not only that but we are required to make an 850 on the test or else WE FAIL OUT OF THE PROGRAM. Seriously. I have made A's on every single lecture test but if I do not pass the HESI with an 850 or higher I will have to reapply to nursing school.
  4. by   jtboy29
    I've read the tips below on how to study and they are all accurate. Practice Questions is the best thing along with reading the rationales. Because every question you will see on the HESI could include information in that rationale or the "HESI Hints" in the HESI NCLEX book for either PN or RN. I'm in an LVN program so I'm using the HESI NCLEX-PN one. Just like your school, mine has us taking a HESI at the end of every term and we have 4 terms. I've taken a Fundamentals, Med-Surg, Pharmacology, Psychiatric, Pediatrics, and Maternity.