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  1. Hi,
    I am signed up to take the hesi a2 in 5 days and I feel mostly prepared but I worried about the math section. I know how to do most of the content I'm just worried about calculator availability, I know that it is a basic calculator and that it is on the computer, but what I'm not sure about is whether it is available for the entire section or just certain problems. In the hesi study guide there are a lot of questions about converting between fractions and decimals and some long division. Is it worth it to study that type of math without a calculator or would it be a waste spending to much time reviewing this since a calculator would be available anyway.
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  3. by   Tess73
    Hey, you get the calculator the entire time so no worries! There really is no need to know how to do those manually as long as you can do it on a basic calculator. Good luck on your test!
  4. by   Cindyel
    That is correct. One thing I recommend is doing the problems twice. The calculator seems to stick a bit and the HESI is notorious for having the correct answer as well as the possible wrong answers people get. I did them all twice and if I didn 't get the same answer, I did it a third time. You cannot go back to a problem so make sure before you go to the next one. I did pass on the first try. Best of luck... you can do it!!!
  5. by   KBurns775
    You will definitely have access to the calculator. It's kind of annoying because you have to use the mouse to click the buttons, but hey...at least there is a calculator!

    Study your ratios! I had several ratio questions, as well as conversion questions. Convert 1350 milligrams to grams....etc. Use the old mnemonic trick for conversions. (KHDDCMM).

    I worked out problems on scratch paper and used the calculator just to double check my answers. It took me 55 minutes to complete 50 questions and I received a score of 100%. Definitely know how to convert decimals to fractions on scratch paper! The calculator can go from fraction to decimal but it can't give you the decimal to fraction view.

    Good luck!