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  1. I am in my 4th semester of an ADN program. We have to take the Hesi exit exam and pass with a 850. The first time I got an 841. The second time I got an 810, don't know how that happened. I am getting ready to the the third one and need as much advice as possible. How did you study, how much, how long, which books or did you just do nclex questions. I have the hurst review but never used it. I also have nclex 3500, and the hesi nclex book. Any advice would help! I think our third test is hesi v-3. Has anyone taken that version? was it harder or easier than the others? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   lexingtonmom
    And to follow-up the 3rd attempt is my last before having to reapply for admission and repeat 4th semester and clinicals. I'm very nervous and any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you
  4. by   ohcomeon
    I have no advice but I wanted to tell you good luck!
  5. by   Graduate Nurse w/bsn
    What school are you attending? @ my school Hesi is no longer holding people back.This school is in NJ.Your not alone just no this.I failed Hesi several times OMG Im so happy im done with that.Im now preparing for my boards!..Hesi is a waste of time thats why no school in NJ cant hold it against you!I no people that passed Hesi w/ flying colors and failed NCLEX! Only advice I can give you is study hard and study Hesi materials Only.My problem is I was alll over the place I have learned if you stick to one source the most two you will do well.Eliminate the things you need to no from what you dont.When I failed people was looking at me and the dean like i was not studying, I was studying very hard and still did not pass Hesi! You have to no what to focus on I found alot of the question came from HESI book which I am still using as one of my tools for NCLEX.Hope I helped!
  6. by   CrazierThanYou
    My school is big on the HESI right now. There were 2 in the first semester, 1 in the 4th semester (which I take Tuesday) and 2 in the last semester. The first one I passed but most of the class failed it. It was counted as 5% of our grade. The second one I didn't have to take so I'm getting ready to do my second one - Med surg. I don't know about the rest of ya'll but at our school, the HESI is customized for us based on our course objectives.

    We'll see how it goes on Tuesday!