Help! Taking the Exit Hesi for the second time

  1. Hi everyone! I took the HESI Exit today for the first time and got a 892. I am taking the second HESI Exit in 2 weeks. Our program gives us 3 chances to take it and a 900 is passing! If you have any advice for me (I have re-read the HESI book a couple times and have done a ton of practice questions as well), I would love to hear it! I don't want the first time of not passing to get me discouraged! Please help! Thanks!
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  3. by   GirlDotson
    Wow! You were so close! Is there a way to see what areas you need to work on? IF so start there. Any areas you know you were weak in, definitely go back and do some extra work there. I wish you the best of luck!!!

  4. by   ashley12
    Looking at my results on Evolve, my scores were: Fundamentals 705, Maternity 901, Professional Issues 905, Psych 1170, MegSurg 915. I made a dumb error on one of the math (it was one of my last questions and I was over it, haha) so I think that could of cost me. It seems as if I need to review Fundamentals obviously, and probably applied theory. I can always eliminate 2 answers, but then I sit there and debate between 2 answers that both seem right to me. Someone in my class gave me the hurst material, so I will look over that as well, but I feel like at this point (since I only have about a week) I guess I should just keep practicing questions and questions. Maybe it just wasn't my day. Through nursing school we have had to do a HESI after each section (medsurg, OB, peds, critical care etc) and my scores are all over the place, I really am not consistent. They range from 850s to 1100. So, I don't know anymore Thanks for the advice! I have a Kaplan Nclex RN book, maybe I shold look thru that for test taking tips (even though I feel as if I have read this a million times).
  5. by   AprilSage
    I used to have a few techniques for choosing the right answer when I've narrowed it down to 2 answers that both seem correct. (1) First I ask myself which one is the least invasive if it deals with some type of hands on skill or procedure. (2) Safety first. Which answer is least likely to harm the patient? (3) ABC's (4) If it is problem solving, make sure u follow the nursing process APIE. (5) Remember aseptic technique if there is a hands on skill or procedural question.I hope this helps. Good Luck!
  6. by   Lovemykids125
    I took the HESI twice and we needed 850 to pass. First time I got 827... It wasn't required to graduate so I wasn't focused on passing it, just on trying to pass my classes. Then before I took it the second time, I went into labor 8 weeks early and delivered my baby who was required to stay in the NICU for 5 weeks. I obviously did absolutely no studying since every day I came home from school I picked up my toddler and we stayed at the NICU. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I got a 859 the second time! With all the chaos life had thrown at me I was not expecting to pass. I didn't try any harder than I did the first time. Have confidence in yourself. You will always do better the second time and if you were this close to passing then I wouldn't worry when you take it again. Learn how to answer the questions, it's a lot of prioritizing! ABC's... Then remember Nursing Process (if question asks what you do next, ask yourself if you have enough info to implement, if not then don't choose the implement answers and instead choose the assessment answer.)... Then remember Maslow's because it is extremely important knowing that physiological always comes before psychological. With drug questions you cant remember everything so look at two answers that are alike or comparable because those ones are most likely wrong (you can't have two right answers so they must both be wrong.)... Know your math and Erikson's because those are easy right answers you shouldn't have to think so hard about (I had 3 math and 1 ericksons questions)... Plus know your lab values! Take practice tests over and over again and look at the rationale and strategy of every answer you got wrong. If you go through all that thinking through each question, having basic knowledge should get you to pass! I have been looking up tips and these are the tips i have been using to study for the NCLEX. I wish i wouldve done this for the HESI because i wouldve scored so much higher! I'm telling you though the more practice tests you take the better you will get. You learn from your mistakes and then understand better how to read the question and it will teach you how to think! Just by using those tips my scores have went up 30%!! Still not where I would like them to be but I don't have any more knowledge than what I did before, just changed my thinking and go through the tips when prioritizing!
  7. by   FilledWLove
    Use Saunders! It really helps! Also, its very important to look at the remediation for the first HESI you took. It will help strengthen the areas that your weak in and HESI usually tests on the same categories.

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes and if you need any other help!
  8. by   calivianya
    The only resources I used specifically to study for the HESI were the Evolve HESI Case Studies. I got a 1120 the first time I took it. I think the case studies really helped.
  9. by   dowde
    Honestly, I'm scared to death of not passing my HESI for the second time. My school holds you back a semester if you don't pass with at least an 800 (we have to take this between our Junior and Senior year, nice eh?). I just took for the first time a few weeks ago and got 745. I'm devastated, and again, scared because if we don't pass it a second time we are kicked out of the program.
    I just purchased the Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX (the yellow book), since did NOTHING to help. How did anybody else do with the Saunders book? Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much.
  10. by   bridg0809
    Get the HESI review book! It's great!