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  1. Anyone planning to apply to LSC fall of 2012? If so can you tell me how many points you have. I have 11.1 trying to decide if I want to re-take HESI or not....
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  3. by   cschoppe
    lonestar cy fair? if so, i barely made it in back in jan. 2010 w/ an 11.489
  4. by   Hopefulleslie
    Did you just count the reading comp. Scores or was it grammar and vocabulary too? Do you know if they count math and a & p or are those just tie breakers?
    Not sure what campus I will apply to yet...maybe nh or tomball.
  5. by   kalisefer
    I made alternate at Cy-fair with 11.2468 for the Spring 2012 program. I am hopeful they will call me. If not I will be reapplying in a couple of weeks when the application period opens. This time I think my score will be 11.5+, not sure until I complete the application and see the score sheet online once it is open for applicants.
  6. by   ShockEmRN
    Same here. I think I'll have an 11.4 if I applied right now, but I'm not sure if I should retake the HESI or not. I'm terrified of taking it and jeopardizing my score that I already have.
  7. by   kalisefer
    I still have not received a call from Cy-fair. I have enrolled in non-nursing classes for the Spring semester I am not retaking the hesi. I have taken it twice, and the last time I took it the computer kicked me out of the test 7 times. I think that affected my math and A&P score. They were passing so I did not complain and my English Composit score was 88+% so I am good with the score I have and the test results do not expire until September of this year. I doubt they will call me so I am all ready to reapply Wed. morning! My score will be 11.5+ this time. I wish everyone luck.
  8. by   kalisefer
    I submitted my application to the Tomball campus yesterday! Good luck everyone!!!!! Now the wait is on, four months until letters are sent out.
  9. by   ELCO_GIRL
    Does anyone know if we have to finish with RNSG 1301 in order to get accept into ADN program at any LSC? Also, does Hesi exam at LSC have critical thinking part for us to take? Thanks.
  10. by   kalisefer
    @elco the hesi exam has all the components of the test available, however you do not have to take the critical thinking unless you just want to or perhaps you will take it for a program at a different school. You can always contact evolve to have your transcripts sent elsewhere.

    As far as having rnsg 1301 complete to be accepted in the program, no you can take during the program. There were several student accepted for the spring program who did not complete rnsg 1301 before they began. It is ideal to complete it before the program, but not required.
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  11. by   4proudmommy
    Hello all,I am new to the forum. I will be applying to the north Harris campus ( as I live next door). I still have yet to take the Hesi. Can anyone give me pointers? I purchased the study guide, but am still nervous about it.
  12. by   kalisefer
    @ 3prouommy The HESI A2 Entrance Exam is quite easy so long as you have completed both A&P I & II. The HESI study guide from Evolve really does help prepare you for the reading, and math section of the HESI A2 Entrance Exam. I found a CliffsQuickReview A&P book that really helped me prepare for the A&P section of the HESI. Best of luck on the test, do not defeat yourself mentally over what other people have reported from their experience. The test is not difficult so long as you study for it. The hardest part of the HESI is the anticipation!!!!
  13. by   4proudmommy
    Thank you for your help. I appreciate it so much!
  14. by   kalisefer
    @Elco I have found out that the critical thinking component is NOT available at LSC. If you need to take it you will have to sign up somewhere else to take it.