Anyone know how many HESI Exit exam versions there are?? - page 5

Can anyone tell me how many RN HESI exit exam versions there are? I know for sure that there are 4, but I've heard a small percentage say that there is versions 5,6,7. I know my friends that... Read More

  1. by   BEtko
    My email is
  2. by   amiller5
    Very interested, please contact me!
  3. by   keegan1
    Could you give me some hints on the hesi RN V-4. I just took V-3 and almost passed, now freaking out. 4th time taking
  4. by   ryan8
    PM me your emails, i'll send them to you
  5. by   keegan1
    My email is thanks so much
  6. by   Sandra33
    Hi I need HESI version 2 information. Be willing to swap Version 1 information.
  7. by   amiller5

    I would greatly appreciate any info for test 3 of the hesi exit!
  8. by   eakard
    Hey could you give me some pointers on HESI RN V-4? I take it Friday morning. Here is my email address:
  9. by   blessed.n
    I need feedback on V-3 and V-4, or either of the two pleaseee. the exam is next monday, but not sure if geting V-3 or 4. email:
  10. by   Decemberblues
    Quote from ryan8
    I did, I just took it a few days ago but failed to make the cut.. pm me your email so I can give you some feedback. I need some feedbacks too, thanks!

    I can't seem to be able to PM you, I have to take Version1 soon, if you're able to provide pointers I would appreciate it. since I have yet to take it I have no idea what I can provide to aide in your success; however I have done tons of research and here's where I have found free HESI practices: Hesi Exit Common Themes / Flashcards - Create Free Flashcards & Achieve Your Dream ... Become A Nurse ...: HESI (which this one scroll to the bottom and download the doc that ends with .exe and then follow the instructioins at the top for if it says there are no more liscenses.) if you're able to email me some pointers, send it to (there's an underscore between the mercedes and the adam)
  11. by   ryan8
    December: I don't think the flashcards will help.. I studied the HESI Comprehensive review for the nclex-rn and it didn't help, I only saw 2 or 3 answers taken from that book. If you already know the material, then I suggest you practice your test-taking skills.
  12. by   Decemberblues
    Quote from ryan8
    PM me your emails, i'll send them to you

    I can't PM because I haven't posted 15 times/posts on here....please email me at (underscore between the mercedes and adam). thanks!
  13. by   Sandra33
    anyone have any info on V2,3 or 4. I am willing to swap!