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I'm taking the Hesi on May 15, can someone let me know what to expect? I took the TEAS a few weeks ago and I didn't pass. How hard or easy can I expect the Hesi to be compared to the TEAS? Thanks!

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In regards to the Hesi I only took the grammar, reading, A&P, and math sections so that's all I can speak on. The reading was extremely basic the right answer practically sticks out! Grammar is basic, it is basically what sounds right. Math is exactly what is in the evolve Hesi book. There are some fill in answers, good amount of conversions and ratios. A&P is random just study the guide and review notes. If you have taken anatomy you should be able to eliminate answers.

I also took the TEAS V scored a 70.6 the first time and a 71.8 the second time (big difference I know). I scored a 93 on the Hesi.


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If you will be using the 3rd edition Study guide by HESI, be careful. The math section contains error, i.e., the conversion from metric to US unit of measurement. Although it is easy to understand, HESI did not give a crap about the correctness of their study guide. Probably was intentional to increase profit margin from all the book sales and people having to retake the test. Conversion is a huge portion of the exam; imagine taking the test only using the study guide by HESI, and thinking that for every 1 lb there is 2.2kgs.

Good luck!!! I take the exam tomorrow... Would be a perfect bday gift for me if I pass the exam!

I just took the TEAS and the HESI...got a 88% on the TEAS and a 87% on the HESI. I used the McGraw Hill 5 TEAS tests to study. I actually thought the HESI was harder...they didn't give you the measurement conversions (the TEAS did)!


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Hi there!! I'm 34 years old and last time I did any testing or studying, I was in high school!!! So I am extremely nervous!!!

I will be taking the Hesi Entrance Exam on July 30, 2013. I've been studying off the Hesi edition 3 and feel pretty comfortable with the math, vocab, grammer, and reading (those are the only subjects the nursing program requires). However, I am not sure if the Hesi E3 is giving me sufficient knowledge to pass the test. Does anyone know if there is something other than Hesi I should be studying??


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Help! I take the HESI A2 exam in about a week and a half. Feeling okay about the Reading Comp, A&P and Vocab, Grammar....but I am really nervous about the math and chemistry.

Two questions:

1. Do you get a calculator for the math section or is it all hand jammed?

2. How in depth is the chemistry and what should I focus on?