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HESI for CNM Nursing Program

Anyone taken the HESI A2 exam already for the program at CNM? what are the subjects covered on the test? I haven't taken A&P 1 or 2 and microbiology. I've finished biology and taking chemistry now! I want to take it now and wondering if I have a chance of passing with just a biology and chemistry background. Any advice? thank you! :)

Why take it now? It covers reading comprehension, grammar, math, and vocabulary and general knowledge. The program changes quite frequently. By the time you are done with pre-req's they might require another exam.

thanks!! do you need a certain passing score? or is it just for them to know what your knowledge is prior to the program? because I know UNM takes the same exam but it's just to see what the student is capable of upon entering the program :) thanks again!

nicogonz, BSN, RN

Specializes in PMHNP- student.

Hi, The Hesi covers Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocab & General Knowledge, and Math. I applied for the summer 2012 semester at CNM with all the points for GPA and received an 90.5 % on the Hesi. I was only accepted as an alternate and never received a seat in the class. I retook the Hesi and earned a 95.5 placing me in the highest point earning available with the reapplication point and received a seat for the fall 2012 program. So I would recommend taking it early and making sure you get the most points for the Hesi, and also taking the new classes they added to gain more points. The program seems to be getting more competitive. Good luck with your pre-reqs.

Thank you for the info. I'm currently taking the BSN route for UNM and using CNM as a back up .. I think or I'm hearing its better than UNMs program lol who did you take for your anatomy and physio and micro classes? Because I'm doing that this semester and I don't kno about which program to choose. How is the program you're in so far. I just can't wait to get in and start nursing school. Thank you so much .. I've been trying to get as much information on the program as possible

nicogonz, BSN, RN

Specializes in PMHNP- student.

I was also planning on UNM with CNM for backup. I took my A&P's at UNM with a male professor who was the only (and probably still is) the only A&P professor. I thought he was a very fair professor and would recommend him. At CNM I took micro with Heather F. (not sure if allowed to use full names) but she is probably one of the best instructors at CNM. The classes are difficult and many students complain, but I find that simply reading the books helped me. I think both programs are great, I was not accepted on my first attempt to UNM and didn't want to keep spending money on the application fee. I'm only in dosage and calculation so far, so I can't say much about the CNM program. Every one tells me it's in a huge transition right now. I would get the course work done for both schools, and try to squeeze in the NA course at CNM and the new Patient Care Tech class they offer, that will get you some experience and with the PCT class you could start working in a hospital. I would also work really hard on that GPA, GPA is the most important for both schools, and will also help you to get any nursing scholarships when you're in the program.

thanks a lot. i was going to take both microbiology and A&P at UNM but i heard the microbiology instructor was exactly like my bio for health science teacher, she was tough tough tough, but managed to pull an A :) About the A&P instructor from UNM i heard some bad reviews about him and that the book they use is created by him or something like that and the course was confusing because it was done online. I registered for microbiology with P. Lister, i heard great reviews about him on ratemyprofessors.com and A&P is M. Franklin, so i'm pretty stoked about those two classes and did you take nutrition at UNM? I know i'm trying to shoot for As and kinda having trouble in chemistry at the moment, i'm barely meeting the cumulative GPA requirements for the UNM program but for the science GPA i'm fine, it's high. thanks again though


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