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Hey Guys,

This will be my very first post on this forum :) I need a little encouragement I guess, and I know this site has been a great resource for many others in my position so here I go....

I took my Hesi CAT exam today and it went all the way to 155 questions and marked me as minimally acceptable :cry:. I'm in the last semester of my ADN program and have otherwise been doing pretty good. My Hesi's are not the best, however I have more good marks than bad. I took my Hesi V3 which doesnt count towards my grade in class and scored a 987 (86%), not bad compared to my Peds Hesi 688 (66%, lowest Hesi score ever!!!).

My question is... has anyone taken the CAT test and got minimally acceptable and still passed the NCLEX? I'm sure there has but i'm just feeling really down about it. I have UWORLD, the green 4th edition Hesi book, the HURST review audio's, and was thinking about purchasing that NCLEX RN mastery application on my phone.

I still have my Exit Hesi to take next week, and I will be utilizing all these tools. I don't need a very good grade on this to pass my semester, however, I'am still going to do my very best as always.


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