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Hey everyone. I just joined and this is my very first post.

I've been reading this site since I decided to apply to accelerated BSN programs and have come across some really awesome advice.

One of the schools I'm applying to requires the HESI entrance exam. I have to have it proctored out of state (I'm applying to schools in florida but live in D.C.) I have very little time to prepare for it because the deadline to take it is next week and I just looked into this school last month.

My main concern is the math section. I have a rudimentary list of what to study but was hoping some of you could offer more details. Household measures? What kind? When they say "fractions" what exactly do I have to remember from the eighth grade about those. HA!!

Thanks alot!

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First off, please don't get too worried about the HESI. It's not as bad as you think it's going to be. (Take it from me, I just took it before starting my nursing program, and I made it through.) For Fractions, you need to know addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You also need to know the same for decimals. It allows them to see how you will do with clinical dosages and such. The household measurements is just all of the basic conversions. (mL to L, mg to g, just the basics) I don't know if your school will require all 7 sections (a&p, and chemistry and everything) but the vocabulary (general) you will need to know some basic medical terminology for it. Just the basics again, don't look too far into it. If you have any other concerns about it, please feel free to send me a private message once you've made 15 posts. I would be glad to help in whatever way that I can. Good Luck on your HESI!! You'll probably do AMAZING!!:up::nurse:


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That's actually really helpful about the fractions because in my mind I was thinking more along the lines of conversions between fractions/decimals/percentages not so much about adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing. Definitely going to have to review that, it's been so long it just doesn't come naturally anymore. I feel like a cliche, a girl who has trouble with math...Ugh

Thankfully, the one school one requires four subjects: math, grammar, vocab, and reading comprehension. Again, I don't see spending the $ or little time I have to prepare on one of the study guide and am not convinced they're actually worth it anyway. I am looking on line though so if they are some really good sites out there, send them my way.

Thanks for your advice robynnelpnstudent! i'm guessing your first name is robyn? It's my middle name, spelt the same way. Fate that you would be my first response. Take care everyone.


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That's interesting, we had to take it as an exit exam. It will seem bad throughout the test, but you will probably be pleasantly surprised with your results. That's how it was for most of the people I went to school with. As far as the math I would look at regular nursing calculations, know how to change pounds to kilograms and also how to determine your required dose. I had a great book that helped me out...Clinical Calculations it was a life saver.


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Yeah, they have two HESI's: one entrance one exit. Just by reading on-line I'm getting the impression that the entrance one has become a bit controversial in terms of exactly what the test is testing for. For example, this test I'm taking and must pass with 80% accuracy in each subject to be considered for the program tests me on nursing related topics but the very program I'm applying for is specifically for non-nursing students.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for preparation and I'll study whatever I must but it's interesting to me that there seems to be little consensus as to what the entrance test is actually measuring. Unlike the exit, it is not considered as a diagnostic tool to determine how well you'll do on the NCLEX.

Heck, I haven't even completed one nursing course because I'm not a nursing student yet so I don't see how this test could even possibly estimate how well I would test on the NCLEX.

I have received some invaluable advice and links to resources through this site. Actually, googling "HESI" was how I initially learned of All Nurses so I'm happy I have to take this thing because I know I've found some fantastic friends and support along the way.

Good luck to everyone who is studying/stressing....

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