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I know it sounds ridiculous for a dialysis to raise this topics. Recently i have one patient M/57 Indonesian Chinese with ESRF DM HT for 4 years on regular HD. His DM was poor controlled, very anemic not very responsive to Eprex, had some limitation in his ADL due to his condition. He travels a lot and has dialysis in my center only when he travels here. A few months ago, we found his Hb increased from 8.6 to >10, urea and creatinine decreased, interdialytic wt. gain about 0.5kg. He looks much better and claimed that he passes a lot of urine. He has dialysis once a week in Indonesia and has stopped Eprex and Fe infusion. His wife let slip that he has been seeing a herbalist in Bangkok who gave him some medicine that seemed to help. We did blood tests on him every one to two months and saw progressive improvement. And there isantoher patient whose Hb increased from 4 to 10 within 2 months after taken some Chinese remedies. They said this herbalist admitted there is no cure for ERSF but some med. can help the kidneys to work better. Since the pool is so little, we did have any other statistics to prove its efficacy. I am a Chinese and have heard a lot about Chinese remedies. I am not sure if they can really do magic on renal patients.


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WOW, sounds good don't it? Hope it works for them without any adverse effects.

Is your clinic thinking of studying it? Would be interesting.

pollux, RN

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Do you have any name for this chinese medecine?

It would be good to know so we can surch on it.

This sounds miraculous...as long as it is safe for the pt or that it does not have rebound effect!

I am always fearful about herbal medecine as some of them have a very potent effect and cause many problems. A lot of our families tends to beleive they can use them without any arms which is so false. Hopefully this med is a step towards a better life for our pts.:)


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We are observing the gentleman for other adverse effects and the persistence of the medicine.


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Keep us up to date, it's really kewl! :D

Sounds very interesting and like one of the others before me, I would like to know the name of this herbal remedy. Can you post it for me.

Thanks alot.

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