herat transplants


Any nurses working with post op herat transplant patients????I am curious on some of the policies in other institutions, isolation, dressing, line and IV tubing changes etc. I work in a unit that does heart, liver and pancrease transplants. Thanks


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Are you at OSU by chance? I worked there as a traveler for a while a couple of years ago.


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I work at MCO in toledo in the SICU.


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They should have a PICC line or something like it since they usually are on long term IV therapy. Just routine P&P for changes. At OSU no one was in isolation because they needed a transplant. They actually had more mobility and freedom than other patients because most of our patients were living in until they got an organ or they died.


I just recently left a heart/lung transplant icu....... IV tubings were changed q48hrs....... bags q 24hrs...... central line dsgs were changed q 24hr........and wheneve we accessed their IV lines for any reason we would first clean the port with betadine then alcohol........ no matter what.


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Probably would try and avoid a PICC line, hopefully the patient would not need long term IV therapy post transplant.

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