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Sorry, I'm not so good at posting news stories, but here is one I just read from my local paper...

At least 20 patients from the same MD office have become + for hep B, and they think it is related to improper admin of a vaccine from multi-dose vials.This was in Manhattan BTW.

I wonder if these injections were given by a nurse, or a med tech. It seems finding a nurse in a doc's office is a rarity nowadays.



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I see several specialist and the only one that has nurses in the office is my gyne MD. I commented on the fact and was told that there is so much teaching in a gyne office that nurses were a must. That is fine as far as it go but surgeons and pulmonologist also have a lot of teaching to do. You might as well forget GPs, I have not seen a nurse in a GPs office in 15 years. There is just no way you can understand infection control properly with 6 weeks training. If a nurse is present there is a much better chance that poor techniques will be identified. There are no guarantees that a nurse will have good infection control techniques but the likely hood is greater. The reason to use techs is money, I wonder how much those 20 law suits will cost?


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Wow! That really concerns me. I have been an office nurse in Family Practice (RN), and wonder exactly how this could happen. I TOTALLY agree wiht oramar that we need more nurses in office settings. I struggled daily with the difference between the MAs and myself. The problem was that they did not perceive ANY difference in what we did in the office. However, if there was a question from a patient re: a disease process, GUESS WHO THEY CAME TO FOR ANSWERS??????

Anyway, I got off the subject a little.........I would like to read the article, hoolahan.......where can I link to it?

Any ideas on how to get more RNs hired into physician offices? The reason I left was b/c of the TERRIBLE pay.......couldn't afford to work for $13.50 any more!!!

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The article

Goodness, I hope this link works. Now, if the news changes tomorrow, will this link still work? I am not sure, but here is where I found it.

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