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I'm currently in nursing school. Today at clinicals I had to give a heparin injection. The ordered dose was 7,500 units subcutaneous. I was supplied with two 5,000 unit 1 ml vials. When I did my math calculation I came up with that the patient would receive 0.75 units of heparin. However, my clinical instructor made me give 1 1/2 units of heparin. Can someone tell me why I had to give the 1 1/2 units and not 0.75 units?

You already know you have to give 1 whole vial equaling 1 ml because that is less than the ordered amount. So 7500-5000= 2500. You need 2500 out of the remaining vial to get the rest of your ordered dose. 5000/2500 = 0.5ml. 1 + 0.5= 1.5 ml.


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Double check your math and watch the labeling of units vs ml. You had one vial of 5000 units which equaled 1 ml of fluid. How many vials would you need to deliver 7500 units?


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Oops sorry, think we were replying at the same time.


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Thank you so much.. I feel like such an idiot now.

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it happens, but good learning experience.