Hep C and blood values

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My husband recently had his blood drawn to check to see where his Hep C was at and his values came back as: AST: 59 and his ALT:197. I saw where the AST should be between 5-40 and the ALT between 7-56. Is this really bad that these values are off from the norm especially the ALT? He is currently detained and they do not have a doctor to go over his lab values with him. Can anyone please help me and give me any info regarding this and how severe these values are off? Thank you in advance.

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Hi, there...

Please be mindful that, per our terms of service, the membership is not permitted to exchange medical advice or interpret lab values over the world wide web.

We wish your husband the best of luck with his health situation.

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As a condition of site ToS when signing up we can neither request not offer medical advice. It's impossible to interpret without knowing a complete history plus lab interpretation is relegated to licensed providers.

You need to consult with the provider that ordered the labs. Otherwise who was his treating physician before incarceration, consult that provider.

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