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I am very interested in becoming a hemodialysis technician. I am a licensed lvn in California but I don't know if dialysis centers in my area even recognize an lvn license. I did some research with different facilities and have been told that I need to get certified as a hemodialysis tech to be hired by a facility. If anyone can tell me of an approved hemodialysis tech program in the Los Angeles county area and also give me some more information on dialysis nursing I would greatly appreciate it.

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I was hired by fresenius as a new grad nurse. They actually have put me through the technician class and am requiring I work as a tech for 6 months before I start my role as a nurse. So to answer your question, I know fresenius offers a technician training class.

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Hi! if you still need information about the dialysis techanican program, please let me know. I would able to give information through email :D

Try American Dialysis College---they've been around since 1966. It is designed for RN's & LVN's

626-792-0548 (Pasadena)

It is mandatory, via the federal Conditions of Coverage/Participation that dialysis technicians be certified in all states. In California, the same applies -- Most of the providers hire, to my understanding, LVNs to work in dialysis units. The LVNs can do whatever the technician does as their scope of practice extends further than technicians. In fact, LVNs have alot of responsibility in California, but again, the scope of practice is less than the RN and more than the technician. If you work as an LVN the salary, I am sure, it more than a technician... If you go to to the California Dialysis Council's website you will find detailed information on dialysis certification in California ---

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