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Hello, My wife received her BSN in 2011 in the Philippines. I don't know where to start on acquiring her license here in the US. I am not even sure if she still qualified to take the NCLEX after 8 years from graduating. I wanted to help her out but just don't know where to start. Please help!

I appreciate any help I can get from anyone.

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Suggest checking out the state your wife wants to work in. See what their international requirements are

Thank you. I will start on that

Is it possible to take the NCLEX to virginia while living in Maryland

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Yes, it is always possible. You can always apply to any State or US territory. Of course, it's also more convenient if your wife or your family plans to stay, live or reside in Maryland, that she'll apply for Maryland's board of nursing. That way, endorsing the license won't be a big hustle.

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Each board of nursing has their own website. So you might wanna check each one of them if she's interested to apply any State or US territory. But start with Maryland if you guys are residing in Maryland. is the main hub for everything about NCLEX.

Hello, CGFNS was able to evaluate my wife's transcript from the Philippines but the "Purpose of the Report: RN Licensure-Endorsement" was chosen instead of "Registered Nurse - Initial Licensure" Would that make a difference when she apply submit the application to Maryland Board of Nursing or we need to pay CGFNS again to re-evaluation for the transcript? 

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