Help ! so worried nclex-pn shut off at 205, is there still hope?

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Hello, need to hear from someone else who has taken this and went till the end, in ohio our test is 205 questions, mine didn't shut off till the very last one, im so certain i failed, im really stressed anybody else have this happen to them, thanks.:confused:

R/T n-clex...In Texas, I think ours goes to 250...minimum 0f 75 questions. I know people that had to answer all and passed and answered min. and passed...It's stressful enough either way. School was enough stress for me... LOL...All I can say is, try not to add to the stress you are already under...You either passed or you didn't in which case, study harder and take it again. There are study disks to help. Professional prep classes too...I'm not sure if they are always worth the cost, but good luck to you either way. Deep, VERY DEEP breaths help sometimes. LOL :D

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Hmm last time I checked NCLEX was the same no matter where you take it..

Hang in there! I took the NCLEX-RN in NY and it shut off at 75 and I am convinced I failed too! I guess you worry at any # that goes to! LOL In this day of technology why can't we know as we complete the exam? I have taken other computer nursing exam's (challenge's) I found out my score right at the testing center! Keep busy and keep the faith...Cindy

took the test in San Diego and stresing 205 Q's. Heard so many things. If you don't get an email from the testing site you failed. I am going crazy!!!!!!

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