HELP, Will i get into nursing school?

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I am currently a pre Nursing student, i've taken all my prerequisites and I feel kind of stuck.

Heres my GPA

Anatomy: A

Physiology: A

Microbiology: A

Chemistry: A

Critical Thinking: B

College Writing: A


Stats: B

I've already signed up for the TEAS test. I'm hoping to get a 90 or above. But i still feel insecure about whether if i'm going to get into any schools. My first choice is Cal state Long beach, and i'm applying to CSULA, SD state, and Azusa Pacific.

HalfBoiled, BSN, RN

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Seems like you're looking for validation.

With those grades, even a TEAS of 80, you would get in.

Wiggly Litchi

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Depends on the program & how many others are applying for it. Best people to ask would be the schools themselves - they can give you an idea of whether you're competitive or not.

Even with a 4.0, I wasn't guaranteed a place in my program :/