help me!wat review center?

Published new here... i am planning to take the nclex this yr.. can u suggest what review center is good..?? can u help me decide...for those who has ideas and suggestions.. pls help.. and those u had experienced to review in that review center pls...tell it to me...thanks...


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Welcome, Simplegirl. I moved your post to the International Forum where it will get better responses. Good luck to you!

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welcome to the site

I would suggest checking out the Phillipine forum as there are a couple of threads. Also you are applying to a BON for licensure and NCLEX is part of that process and you will be lucky to take it before the end of this year as you have to meet BON requirements which could take a few months upwards. Which state are you applying to and where do you want to work?

I would suggest having a good read in the forum especially the thread titled Primer to working in the USA

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