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Help waitlisted for school


I'm wait listed for Grant Macewan and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice to give to me whether to stay on the waitlist or if it's a complete waste of time.

Comments would be appreciated!!!!

Well you basically have 2 choices:

1 - stay on the wait list and possibly not get in or

2 - withdraw yourself from the wait list and guarantee that you will not get in

If it were me.. I would let my name remain on the wait list and continue to seek other programs, and would only remove my name from the list after I had been accepted to another program that I would consider to be equal to that one.. (considering cost, distance, reputation, NCLEX pass rates, etc)

best of luck.

@203bravo Thanks!! I got accepted for another school for LPN so I already have a

"back up" . For the waitlist they accept people based on the day the were waitlisted, rather than their average, which is unfair but that's what it is. I applied in November and was Waitlisted December 18th so I do not think I should be too far on the list. Do you know if anyone gets accepted off the waitlist? They only take 42 students and more than half of them are early conditional acceptance.

Did u applied for the fall 2015 term?

I was waitlisted for jan2015 term.

I applied in feb 2014, did my prerequisites and sent everything in September 2014, but they told me i have a little chance to get into winter 2015 program.

I applied again in October 2014 and got conditional offer for Sep 2015.

@sidraali Yes, I applied for the fall 2015, but for psychiatric nursing, not registered nursing so unfortunately they only have a fall intake for the psychiatric nursing program. They told me I meet the competitive admission average but I did not apply "soon enough" so I was placed on the admissible waitlist. I applied decently early though, it was the middle of November 2014. And there are only about 70 people on the waitlist right now too so I would not think I'm too far down the list.

Goodness.so they are already on wait list for fall?

I am in registered nurse program. Hopefully you will get into the program because looks like you will be the earliest batch on wait list.

@sidraali I hope so !!!! Maybe if I just stay on the wait list as long as possible and get really really lucky I will get in!! They also have the same program, through grant Macewan but in Ponoka, and I was thinking of applying there too but it is waitlisted there too but the wait list is allot shorter. But I would have to either drive to Ponoka, or live there which is a while away from where I live now. So I feel like just staying on the one in Edmonton is the best, as I don't think I am too far down the list!!