help on vocabulary of HESI exam


hi again all

i took the HESI entrance exam and failed by 10 % on the vocabulary part. i did very well on the other three sections. is there anyone who could help me to study for the vocabulary section because i have to pass this test and its the only chance i have at it. if i fail it again i wont be able to apply to the program for i think another five years. i have been desperately applying to programs for the past 5 years already.. if i dont pass it this time, and dont get in to the program at nvcc, i will have to repeat most of my prerequisites only because it will have been over five years since i took them. the program requires that i have taken them within the past five years. so please kindly help me find sources to study for the vocabulary part of the HESI entrance exam...

i really really appreciate the support that i have received from all of u. please keep helping me so that i can get in to the program and get out as a NURSE.

Has 10 years experience.

Check the MEC bookstore for a HESI study guide to the exam!! Before it used to me TEAS, and they had study guides for that!

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