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HELP! Trying to decide between two completely different outpatient jobs


Today I was offered two jobs, which is exciting but makes my decision very difficult. I was offered one job in a pediatric GI clinic, and another in a hematology clinic. Both completely different types of outpatient work, but both of which I feel I would enjoy very much. I am coming from working inpatient on a medical-surgical floor, so this will be a very big change for me. I am starting FNP school in the fall, and feel like maybe the pediatric GI clinic will offer better experience for my future? Anyone out there with experience in either of these outpatient settings have words of advice? Thank you!

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Is your end goal as FNP to work in outpatient primary care/internal medicine? Do you want to see equal # of adults and peds, or more one than the other?

If you want to do more pedi, and you have no pedi experience; the GI clinic might be a better choice.