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... and I'm not a renal nurse! :imbar Any suggestions for making this easy to understand for the students? Thanks ! :kiss

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Hmmm what are you teaching Vicky? Just an overview of dialysis or specifics???

Most general nurses need to know why some patients have CAPD and why some have haemo and the difference in physiological response and outcomes with each type.

They ABSOLUTELY need to know about - how to treat shunts and the diet restrictions.

It has been quite some years since I worked pure dialysis - most of the time these days I look after the ATN patients on the PRISMA.

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Oh wow.......... there are MANY basic, easy, and easy to understand booklets at most dialysis clinics which are given to the patients when they first begin dialysis. I would suggest going to one and requesting some of these information booklets. That would help you a lot in teaching your students. There are also some good websites... try

I'm off to bed to work dialysis tomorrow am, so I really don't have time now to go into a lot of info for you... but try ikdney and see what you find there, and perhaps in the next few days if you need more info, I can be of more help to you ! (((HUGS)))


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Hi, there is quite a bit available on the web related to renal disease/dialysis aimed at patients. It may be a bit basic for nursing students, but it is a start. If possible, I would suggest a visit from a patient on dialysis, or a visit to a dialysis unit so the students would start to understand how difficult it is to live with renal disease, and attend dialsysis, three times a week, for the rest of your life. I wouldn't wish renal disease on my worst enemy.

Joanne :)

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