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SO have any of you ever taken the non-taxed money for meals/incidentals and for housing subsidy through a tax advantage plan and then had to owe money come tax season? We are keeping our tax home here in michigan, mainly because I would like to get the full advantages... Any thoughts?


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Non taxed money is not reported to the IRS. If you get audited for some reason and your tax home has issues, only then might you be found to owe on those reimbursements.

thank you! I am hoping we don't have any issues with our tax home. We rent, but we've been here awhile. I'm hoping to come home to it :)

NedRN, you seem to know quite a bit about all of this and I really appreciate your input. I will be leaving soon for my Kaiser Oakland position. Any advice you have for finding a place of our own? We get more in the housing subsidy that way. Thanks!


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Craigslist. I would suggest posting in housing wanted as well as looking at what is available. Travelers have a good reputation with landlords, and you will find stuff that is never advertised.


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Check out He's got so much info for travel nurses!