HELP. Taking Transition to Registered Professional Nurse Role


Taking the new NC7 test on the 16th. Anyone taken it so far? I have had some friend fail it....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Do the EC free course study guides help or should I pay the $60 and take the EC practice exams?


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Hi I will be taking this one on Thursday, so I am in the same boat that you are in. I did pay for the exam for pre testing the do help.

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The practice exams were very helpful for me! It seemed like soooo much the exam was the "Framework of Nursing Practice" stuff -- which shouldn't have been a surprise, because I think it's 40% of the exam! I could be wrong about that -- it's been a while since I've taken it.


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I took the test under the new curriculum and failed it with a "D" back in April.I retook it about a month ago and got a "C". My friend just took this test and got a "D" on it.Please do not under estimate the difficulty of this test! Buy the EC practice test and follow the outline. I bought the College Network module and a few of the recommended text. You need to study for this test because they are expecting your to make at least 70% in all categories. I made in the 70's and 80's and still got a "C".


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Good luck Gtgirl. thanks Lunah. I will get the practice exam....Wish me luck Monday....

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