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A 48 old patient, was admitted to the emergency room on suspicion of a stroke, according to the patients family she complained of a strong headache pain an hour before the incident, she also complained of double vision, and weakness on the left side and paresthesia mainly in the left hand. On admission to the emergency room Miriam looked slightly confused, her speech was improper, her eyelid and the angle of her mouth on the left side were drooping. 


what are the signs+ symptoms that you recognize (at least 4 of each kind)?

Based on the case description, indicate three nursing problems and sort these into existing, potential and possible problems. For each problem, please indicate the field, sub-field and number of the problem.

Any problem you mentioned in the previous question- list the following relevant characteristics as listed in, Related factor, characteristic, Nursing diagnosis (NANDA Associated Condition)

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Is this homework? What are your thoughts?

The professor told us to try to solve it, it’s not homework- more like try to prepare ourself, we didn’t really got deep in to the subject yet.. 

I think that the signs are:- the eyelid and mouth on the left side (drooping). Improper speech. Looked confused ? (Not sure about this one)  The symptoms:- strong headache, double vision, weakness on the left side, paresthesia on the left hand.

Existing problem:- improper speech ? 
in need for physical therapy? 
the nanda I don’t truly get it. 


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There are many websites that lay out some of the information you are looking for. Here is an example: 12 Stroke (CVA) Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Care Plans - Nurseslabs

It's not that people here aren't willing to help with your homework, but most of the nurses here are posting related to current experiences being faced in their careers. If you are looking for homework assistance, you should plan to post with an introduction that it's homework, give you own thoughts on the problem and then ask for specific feedback. Posting a blank assignment will rarely get you any responses. Just because we finished nursing school doesn't mean we want to do it again (ha,ha).