I am preparing to take the HESI entrance exam in November and I have been told so many things about the exam that I do not know what to believe at this point. Is it more of a general knowledge exam? Or is it more specific to nursing? What is the best way to prepare myself for the exam?


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General knowledge, but uses healthcare terminology and scenarios. The actual test is waaaaay easier than the practice tests in the study guide. And I found it easier than the TEAS. Don't stress, just study and go in positive that you will rock the exam. Good Luck!


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Get the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review. It is basic knowledge with some medical terms everyone knows. Get the Study material and you will pass just fine. Thats what I am using as well as an app on my ipad that I have been using. Everyone says its not hard.

Get that study guide and you will pass.