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I'm stuck and lost at what to do in my path into nursing. I've been attending County a College of Morris since 2010 trying to get into their nursing program but I wasn't doing well in my sciences (repeating classes and C's). I wasn't 100% focused due to working full time and family issues, my gpa dropped to a 1.9 and once it dropped I realized that in order to get into nursing I need minimally a 2.5. I worked really hard for a year to bring my gpa to a 2.49; that's with retaking classes and taking random classes to bring up my grades. I applied to the program either way with falling short and didn't get in. I also applied to Eastwick college in Ramsey NJ for the one year LPN program and got in with a 74% on my teas exam. I didn't end up going there due to it being so expensive. So I applied to BSN nursing programs in the area and would only get into the school undergrad not into their programs right away. Overall the schools I applied to I decided to accept my offer at Bloomfield college because I have a scholarship there and was told I could do one year there bring up my GPA and apply for their nursing program next fall, faulty me I didn't really pay attention to the price of tuition and I am now realizing that it's pretty expensive per year as well. I would take out a loan but I keep getting denied for a loan because I don't have a cosigner. So since I'm in this problem I was thinking of applying to Morris county school of technology for their LPN program and do that for a year which is cheaper and try to get back into County college of Morris with their accelerated RN program. I'm just really trying to find a solution to get back on my feet with my grades etc. I really want to be a nurse badly and I'm 22 I want to be on my way to achieving my goals.

Any advice??? All is welcome but please don't be mean :)

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First did you not do well in your science courses because of poor time management/study skills/lack of effort (not necessarily lazy but overwhelmed with other life issues that something had to take a back seat?. Or more because of difficulty with the subject?

If it's the former and you have since raised your overall GPA, I'd say look at the LPN program. If can give you a solid foundation. Find out if the LPN program has an articulation agreement with CCM's LPN to RN bridge (helps streamline acceptance). If it's a public LPN program then odds are it's affordable and a good starting point to reestablish your academic career towards becoming a licensed nurse.

I think I'm going to look into an LPN program the one in morris county is all filled now. And the reason I fell behind because I wasn't making the sacrifices that I should've been. And as far as family issues go I think I might be moving out to avoid anymore distractions in the future. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it.