I need help please!

my family migrated from philippines to north dakota and i am a license nurse in the philippines. I will yake a review for NCLEX but while waiting and getting myself ready to take the exam i want to work at the same time for my family so my question is can i work here as CNA? Do i need to take exam for it? How about LPN? How can i start? What should i do so i can work as CNA OR LPN for now?

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LPN requires your education to be assessed and deemed equivalent to that of a practical nurse as well as passing the NCLEX-PN. CNA requires passing the certified nursing assistant written & practical exam. Some states exempt nurses from written or practical exam for CNA. For specifics check the ND board of nursing website.

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If I were you, I'll focus on passing the board so you can practice as a nurse rather than thinking of something else. Goodluck in the future