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Does anyone have any suggestions on which NCLEX book is the best? I want one that seperates the body systems, so you can focus on one at a time.


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I liked the one put out by the National Student Nurse Association. It did what you are asking.

Specializes in Inpatient Acute Rehab.

The NSNA has a good one. I also like Kaplan's.


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I'm a student, and I have two Saunder's NCLEX review books that have great practice questions, and they have also helped me study for tests in class. They are set up like MedSurg class content-----Review of Systems. If you are taking your NCLEX after April 1 2004 you need to pick up a review book that contains questions from the new format-----Ex. fill in the blank, pick all that apply, and point to the correct picture.:)

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