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So I am about 1 year out from graduating as an FNP (4.5 years RN experience). I made the call to the Army recruiter because my husband is AD Army, so it makes the most sense. The guy completely and totally blew me off. He told me the Army doesn't accept/commission new grad FNPs and hasn't done so for a few years at least. What? When I started my program, a healthcare recruiter told me no problem, just call us back when you are a year out from graduating, so why is this guy telling me the Army won't accept me until I have a year of experience? So I called the AF recruiter just for kicks to see if this was something that was true across all branches or what and he not only told me the AF would be glad to have me, but that as far as he knew, the Army accepted new grad FNPs as well and he couldn't understand why the recruiter had told me differently. So what is my recourse here? I realize that maybe the AF recruiter doesn't really know what is going on in Armyland recruiting, but the whole thing seems fishy based on what the healthcare recruiter told me when I was starting my program and also because there is nothing that I've seen anywhere which indicates that you need a year of experience before you can commission as an FNP. So does this guy just not want to work? Quota full and doesn't really care anymore? I don't get it and I also don't know what to do since he is the only guy in town. Just going AF is an option, but is not the easiest thing since my husband is Army and it is more difficult to get stationed in the same place. What do you guys think?

I hear about this happening a bit... its two sided. Applicants might meet the requirements but recruiters might know that despite them applying the likelyhood of them getting selected... might be low because they already have a pre-determined idea of who they are looking for... demand is outpaced by supply in many cases in this field and in this time.

I'd do the following.. realize that recruiter might have insight on this and try to discuss it with him / her.. discuss a strategy and try to become the applicant they are looking for... gain an idea of when the FNP selection board is... apply this to your timeline, it could match and make total sense as it takes months to make / prepare your packet and in the end might make sense... realize that recruiter is your link to this so careful not to burn bridges or jump chain of command off the fly - look at the applicant they want, look at the time line and see if it makes sense to make you that match.. or what you can do. It wouldn't do either party any good to spend both of your resources to make your packet if you aren't an applicant that will get selected... if recruiters made a packet for every nurse that wanted to join.. at this time... it would make no sense as it takes a Lot of Time.. their is a profile applicant that they are looking for.....

my 2 cents.

See another healthcare recruiter. Go up the recruiting chain to find out if you were given correct information. Do not waste time wondering about this guy's motives. Just be concerned with getting the right info and getting what you want. Good luck.

Where is the next closest recruiter? I would talk to another Army healthcare recruiter (even if they're not nearby, I would call). Just because one recruiter doesn't want to help you, it possible the next one will. I agree that it could be beneficial to see what they're looking for that you don't have (or at least what this particular recruiter's idea is of what they're looking for), but if it's a case of a lazy recruiter, I'm pretty sure you're not going to meet what he's looking for.

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