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Hi i am uk nurse but registered in South Australia. I am looking to register in New Zealand. When I did my Australian registrstion the IELTS test was not required and I have been told by ANB i do not need to sit it. Does anyone know if this is the same for the New Zealand registration, I am unsure? How does it work will NZ accept my registration from Oz?

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Have you worked in Australia?

You may find you have to sit English exam if you haven't worked in Australia. Best people to ask would be the New Zealand BON


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Applicants with nursing registration in any state or territory of Australia may apply to the Nursing Council of New Zealand for registration under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997.


Application form

Fees payment

Certified copy of passport

Certified copy of marriage certificate or evidence of change of name (if applicable)

Certified copy of your registration certificate or current practising certificate

Authority form (if applicable)

Employment letter -

No need for IELTS.

see this for more info and forms:http://www.nursingcouncil.org.nz/index.cfm/1,31,html/Applicants-from-Australia

Hi, I have a quick question that may have been answered already. If so, I am sorry.

I know that to work as an RN in Oz, one must apply and check with the state that they want to go work in. Now, is it me or is Oz going to have one national organization soon that will cover all states? I'm not sure if I've read this somewhere or not.

I'm currently an LPN student in the US (I think they're ENs in Aus.(also, are LPNs allowed to work in Oz or must they need a higher level?), and am going to do an LPN-RN bridge program. It's been my dream to live in Oz since I was a child with Aussie penpals. Also, I hear that Oz accepts ADNs from the US. Is this true? I know that there are some countries that don't accept them such as the UK. I really want to go to Oz because of the open job opportunites that they have. I'm currently a student nurse and also studying to teach foreign languages and public heath education. I'm not sure if these future skills will help me in Oz if I go.

thanks a heap everyone!


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Yes - we're going to national registration on July 1st, as part of new legislation that covers all health care professionals in Australia.

I can't speak to acceptance of ADN-qualified nurses or LPN's, but other members may know, and the question may well have been addressed in this region previously.

Public health education qualifications certainly won't hinder your chances here - though some of our public health issues are different from those in the US, I imagine much of the theory, implementation techniques, research etc are easily transferrable.

I can't imagine the LOTE training will be a problem, but it won't necessarily help.

Good luck :)


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