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You will find it hard to get a visa to work in that capacity and you would still have to meet licensure requirements, pass NCLEX and have VSC. What sort of visa are they saying they can get you?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to do that and get a visa to do that.

The US is under a retrogression as it is, so that puts you at about 7 years out from now even if you would have things done. That means having the NCLEX-RN passed, as well as the English exams and having a Visa Screen Certificate.

NJ requires the CES, which is a credentials eval that needs to be done thru CGFN as a start, and that takes months to get done.

For a private family to hire someone, it takes much doing and much filing of paperwork with the US immigration service as a start, and most will not go thru with it. But again, the issue is that there are no visas for you to use or get at this time. And there are no visas available for you to come to the US to work as a caregiver either for this patient and not in the role of the RN legally.

I would take the time to do some reading on this site, there is much information that you need to be aware of.

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