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Hi everyone!

My first time on this site - I am looking for some advice. I am a NNEB nursery nurse working for NHS at the moment as a community nursery nurse alongside health visitors. I am looking to move to Texas and i have been trying to find out how/when/where mothers take their babies for their development checks, to be weighed, immunised etc and how they seek advice for feeding, behaviour, parenting etc? I have the feeling they don't have our service?!! I would like to know where the best places to search for these kind of jobs would be?

Any advice would be greatly received - I don't really want to further my training so if there is no "equivalent" will probably look at education nursery nursing.


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sjt9721 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency/Trauma/Education.

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Check with the county health departments in the area of where you're planning to relocate. Here's a current job list for Dallas County:


Some hospitals may have 'specialty' clinics for their discharged kiddos. That might be worth looking into...

Good luck!

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