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HELP! Studying for the CNL exam


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I'm currently studying for the CNL exam, and I could really use some advice.

I graduated from my CNL program 4 years ago, so I'm a little rusty. I know I should have taken it sooner, however there were circumstances that happened that I needed to attend to (death in the immediate family, moving, taking care of my family). In fact, this would be my 3rd time taking it.

I can't remember how I studied the first time I took it back in 2017. When I took the test in 2019, I prepped by studying the CNL Secrets yellow book, and I didn't have time to finish reading the book, and didn't do a lot of practice questions.

I'm studying from Springer's CNL Certification Review book (purple). I read all the chapters, and did hundreds of their practice questions online, and scored 75% on average. But when I attempted to do AACN's assessment test, I got a low score, in the 60% range!

Now I feel like I'm at a loss. The more practice questions I do (from my other CNL books), the more I come across concepts that I haven't reviewed on. I wonder if I'll ever be ready for this test. I feel like giving up because I don't feel like I'm going anywhere.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Enarra, BSN, RN

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Hey there, just as you would for NCLEX make sure you review in your textbook in detail on topics you got wrong. Just using review books and practice questions isn’t enough the knowledge needs to be solid. check out the link below. Best of luck